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How to apply for summer internship

1. Students who are interested in having summer internship with us can apply their application online through our website.
2. After the online application, students need to send their Resume and confirming letter from the university (in another word, the university should write a letter confirming the students’ intentions on applying for the summer internship) directly to the company.
However, in the case that the students are not in Thailand, the students can directly contact the company through email or line applications and inform us of this situation
3. The company then elaborately evaluate applications; this process should take couple weeks.
4. The company will announce the results
4.1 Application accepted: the students are accepted to spend their summer internship with us.
4.2 Application declined: the students are declined to spend their summer internship with us.
5. In the case that applications are accepted, the university should provide letter which confirmed the participation of students, as well as summer internship evaluation form for the company.

The company would offer free:
1. Accommodation in the farm                 2. Three meals per day
3. Company uniforms                            4. Daily allowance (rate according to the company’s condition)

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