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About us

" 30 years of success "


TD-MARK is considered as one of the leading Danish crossbreed (gilt)

production companies in Thailand and South East Asia.

The company is successful throughout these 30 years as we have specialized teams that can provide sophisticated knowledge and skills regarding the Danish crossbreed (gilt). We also have experts in swine farm management field whose abilities and knowledge came from accumulated experiences in the past 3 decades. Therefore, it can be said that we have the real insight regarding the swine and selection, crossbreeding process, swine feed, production planning and farm management. With all these aspects considered, we are confident to guarantee the delivery of best products to every client’s hands.

Thai-Denmark Farming Company Llimited mainly imported purebred swines from Denmark. In which, these purebreds from Denmark is widely accepted as
Having high growth rate per day.
Low pork exchanging rate.
High quality of carcass : having high percentage of red meat and low fats.
This excellent genetics can be fully passed down from generation to generation.
The imported purebred swines are elaborately selected, they are imported into Thailand with 100% diseasefree condition.

The company was founded on September 21th 2531 (Buddhist Calendar) with authorized capital of 5 million baht, using the name of “บริษัท พันธุ์สุกรไทย-เดนมาร์ค จ ากัด” In 2535, there was an investment in swine farm in Lat-Takhian subdistrict (Kabinburi district, Prachinburi province) for the farm expansion purpose. Moreover, in the same years, authorized capital had been increased to 50 million baht. In 2555, it had been increased to 76 million baht and the company name was changed into


Nowadays, the company has imported and produced Denmark purebred swines. The headquarters of the company is located in Bangna-thani Building, 17th floor, Bangna-Trad road, Bangna, Bangkok 10260. There are 2 branches of farm including
D-MARK 1 : Pak-Chong, Nakhon Ratchasima
D-MARK 2 : Lat-Takhian, Prachinburi

Vision & Mission


We aim to become and remain to be the leader of high quality Danish crossbreed (gilt) producer in Thailand and SouthEast Asia (SEA).


Our main mission is to provide customers the high and best quality of Danish crossbreed (gilt). We also focus on constantly improving the products and be a force to reckon in swine and gilt markets. Lastly, our mission lies in taking good care of customers through heartwarming services and of employees in the company.

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