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TD-MARK Hybrid

Danish crossbreed (gilt)

TD-MARK Hybrid (Danish crossbreed, gilt)

TD-MARK (Tee-Dee-Mark) Hybrid is a special kind of Danish crossbreed (gilt) designed by our company, mainly used as a breeder for slaughter pig productions. TD-MARK Hybrid is a combination between TD-MARK Landrace and TD-MARK Yorkshire (in another word, a crossbreed of imported purebred Landrace and Yorkshire)

As TD-MARK Hybrid is a crossbreed of two breeds, it gets many good characteristics from both. From Landrace, TD-MARK hybrid acquires the highly fertile feature and excellent mothering skills. From Yorkshire, TD-MARK hybrid adopts the robustness and exceptional carcass quality.

Female TD-MARK hybrid (gilts) is outstandingly fertile and possesses remarkable breastfeeding skills. Moreover, they are veryeasy to take care of and able to withstand changing environments.

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